Cataract - Catalys System

Dr Cyres Mehta, Surgical Director of the International Eye Centre, speaks to us about the first and latest “CATALYS” robot laser system for cataract removal. This is the fastest laser system of its kind and can liquefy the cataract in less than 45 seconds. Furthermore it has the highest level of safety. Dr Cyres Mehta has previously been awarded the “Parsi Ratna” award as well as the gold medal of the Indian Cataract and Laser Society.

Hello Dr Cyres,I have heard about the new Catalys surgical laser system to remove cataract?
Uptill recently we had to enter the eye and then break up the cataract with ultrasound energy. This was called PHACO. Now CATALYS robotic system breaks up and liquefies the cataract WITHOUT ENTERING THE EYE. All we have to do then is enter the eye through 1millimetre suck out the contents which have been liquefied by the laser and inject in a lens and the procedure is over. This takes as short as 45 seconds.

Is there any Pain ?
CATALYS is PAINLESS as nothing touches the eye and only light is used.

Why is it called “Bladeless Cataract Surgery”?
The system itself opens up the eye using laser. No blade is required. The entry into the eye can be planned at any location.

Please describe the procedure.
The patient lies down on the table. A soft clear device piece looking like a little eye cup called a interface is kept on the eye and filled with water. Within 10 seconds the robot takes about 10,000 CT scans of the eye and determines where the cataract is exactly as accurately as one micron. Within 30 seconds it liquefies the cataract with laser energy. IT IS THAT FAST..It even makes the entry into the eye. Finally we just go in the eye and suck out the liquefied cataract.


What if a patient is on blood thinners diabetic or hypertensive
No problem..catalys is ideal for these patients as
1.It does not penetrate the eye
2.Super accurate system ensures laser works only on cataract and not on any other part of the eye.
3.Painless Chance of bleeding is zero..

What if the patient has a very hard cataract ?
Catalys is ideal for these cases. Before this system, it could take a lot of energy to remove hard cataracts. This could burn the cornea. Now with Catalys the hardest cataract can be removed using 100 times less energy. Naturally with this system the vision recovers MUCH FASTER.


Why is this called bladeless Catalys ?
No blade touches the eye. Only laser energy is used to enter the eye. See in the picture above the hardest cataract simply melted away by laser.


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