OPTIKON Corneal Topographer (USA)
This device photographs your eye and creates a kind of “map” of your cornea. It will display the corneal irregularities and the steepness or flatness that the surgeon must correct

Opticon “Scout” Arc Step Corneal Topo-AnalyzerOpticon “Scout” Arc Step Corneal Topo-Analyzer. (Opticon Italy) First time in India

The first topographer in the world to have Arc Step technology, has the availability to analyze and imperfections in the cornea, which can be later laser corrected.

Specular microscopy (Topcon Japan)
Not only evaluates the thickness of the cornea in 1000ths of a micron, but with the ImageNet software analyzes in detail the fine endothelial cells in the cornea

One Of The Few Institutes In India To Have A 3d Oct Of The Cornea

It Can Assess The Cornea Layer By Layer And Show The Level Of Corneal Diease,The Thickness Of The Cornea Over More Than 1000 Points

This New Device Can Also Show Us The Angle Of The Eye From Which Fluid Flows Out Of The Eye.

It Can Also Generate A Map Of The Cornea Showing Thick And Thin Areas And Areas Of Opacity.

It An Invaluable Tool To Study The Corea Before Lasik And Study How Well The Flap Has Sealed After Lasik.

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