Eye Care

A few Questions on Common Eye Problems:

Dear Dr. Cyres a close friend underwent an umcomplicated cataract operation few months ago. Today he can see black spots moving in front of his eyes. They first appeared a few days after the surgery and then disappeared but now they are back. Why?

The eye is divided into 2 parts by the human lens. The front part which includes the brown colour of the eye and the cornea (the clear front window) is called the Anterior Chamber.

The Anterior Chamber of the eye contains a watery clear fluid described by the ancients as “Aqueous Humour”

The back part of the eye which houses the retina has a jelly called “vitreous humour”. This jelly is clear and in one piece when the person is young. It consists of a matrix containing molecules of hyaluronic acid and collagen and loosely resembles the jelly that we eat.

Conjunctivitis & Eye Infections & Allergies:

Conjunctivitisor Pink eye is as old as the hills! Conjunctivitis occurs when the clear membrane on the white of the eye gets inflamed and red due to infection. In severe cases the area around the eye gets swollen and red and pus oozes out of the eye. This can be due to bacteria and viruses. Typical bacteria which cause this are the ubiquitous staphylococci and streptococci among others. Typically the patient complains of pain and blurry vision. The blurry vision is due to the discharge which smears the cornea like looking out of a dirty window.


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