Glaucoma - Treatment for Galucoma
Glaucoma can be treated medically or surgically. Early glaucoma is usually easily treated with just eye drops. These eye drops will have 2 actions:

1. Reduce the amount of fluid produced in the eye and or

2. Speed up the exit of fluid from the eye by action on the meshwork and other pathways.

Most glaucoma eye drops cause a little bit of irritation and dryness of the eye along with redness and must be used under the doctors orders only. Some eyedrops like Timolol can aggravate a patients asthma and some like Prostaglandins cause the skin around the eye to darken and eyelashes in that eye to grow. Do speak with your eye doctor about the side effects of each glaucoma eyedrop. Rarely when eye pressure does NOT come under control Diamox tablets are prescribed. A common side effect is tingling and numbness in the hands and feet.

Laser: In case there is a Attack of glaucoma it can be controlled by application of YAG : Laser SLT is a new laser that can treat the chronic simple glaucoma as well.

Surgery: Since the seventies the most common surgery for glaucoma is Trabeculectomy. In this a flap is made in the white of the eye and under that a hole is cut into the eye from which the fluid flows out. Problems with this were bleeding, very low pressure and poor vision after surgery. Such problems led to patients fearing ghlaucoma surgery and led to many patients loosing their sight rather than opting for this surgery.

In the late nineties a new procedure came out of Switzerland and western Europe called Non Penetraing Deep Sclerectomy. Here the eye is NOT OPENENED and only the sclera i.e. the white of the eye is thinned until the fluid canal called Canal of Schlemm is openened. The advantage with this is that the pressure is maintained low and there is no chance of bleeding, poor vision, too low pressure etc. This procedure now is the glaucoma surgery of choice in the west. In India it still has to catch on. The author began performing this surgery back in 2001 and has reported excellent results with it.


Dr Cyres Mehta is the Indian Pioneer of canaloplasty.Here a very fine laser fibre is threaded around the canal of the eye opening it.This is the most modern and safest glaucoma surgery.

This surgery is performed even for glaucoma in children.

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